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Collaborating in Youth Ministry with Tom Crozier | SMC Podcast | Episode 031

Dec 2, 2021 | Administration, Calendar, Creative Ministry, Events, Games, Groups, Planning, Podcast, Relationships, Retreats, Schedule, Student Ministry, Student Ministry Team, Youth Ministry, Youth Ministry Team

We can easily agree in the fact that we are all better together and this should include together in ministry but the real question is how do we work together with churches from other denominations and sizes. Come join the conversation as Russell sits down with Tom Crozier who is on staff at Jesus People Church to Chicago, Illinois as they talk about Collaborating in Youth Ministry.


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Show Notes

Connect With Tom
Bringing Groups:

Podcasts Mentioned
Integrating Youth Into The Body of the Church with Sam Halverson
Developing Yourself As A Leader with Mark Oestreicher
The Future Of Youth Ministry with Brock Morgan
Student Leadership Vol. 2 with Brandon Hair

5 Pieces of Advice For New Youth Leaders
1. Be A Forever Leader
2. Create An Atmosphere For Small Questions
3. Know That You Are A Difference Maker
4. Be A Listening Ear
5. Be Free To Assist And Help Anyone


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