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Transition in Ministry with Tyler Looney | SMC Podcast | Episode 104

May 18, 2023 | Leadership, Leaving A Ministry, Mental Health, Planning, Podcast, Relationships, Spiritual Health, Student Ministry, Student Ministry Team, Youth Ministry, Youth Ministry Team

Welcome to today’s episode of our podcast, where we explore the topic of transitioning in ministry. We are joined by a special guest, Tyler Looney, who is an ex-youth pastor and current pastor at Crosspoint Methodist Church in Lindale, Texas.

Whether you’re a new pastor stepping into a leadership role, or an experienced ministry leader looking to make a significant change, transitions can be both exciting and challenging. In this episode, we’ll discuss the various types of transitions that pastors and ministry leaders may encounter, including changes in church leadership, shifts in ministry focus, and personal career moves.

We’ll explore some of the key strategies and best practices for successfully navigating these transitions, including effective communication, building relationships, and maintaining a strong sense of personal identity and purpose. Tyler will also share some of his own personal experiences and insights on transitioning in ministry, offering practical advice and encouragement for those who may be facing similar challenges.

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Show Notes

Connect With Tyler:

1.) Know there is nothing beneath us in ministry.

2.) So many people experience unnecessary struggles in ministry such as dying ministries, broken marriages, hidden sin, due to ignoring burn out.

If you are feeling called to transition into other roles in the church:
1.) Don’t seek affirmation from others, instead seek God first, and than ask others for help with discernment.
2.) Seek education and training for your new role and responsibilities.

3.) Recognize your humanity and give yourself some grace.

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