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Three Arenas of Youth Ministry with David Odom | SMC Podcast | Episode 025

Oct 14, 2021 | Administration, Lessons & Curriculum, Planning, Podcast, Schedule, Spiritual Health, Student Ministry, Student Ministry Team, Vision & Mission, Youth Ministry, Youth Ministry Team

At one time we though of youth ministry as only our interaction, programs, events and worship with the youth in our group. However now we realize that youth ministry only focused on youth can be a bit one sided. A holistic approach to youth ministry involves ministry to students, families and in the local church.

Come join the conversation as Russell sits down with David Odom (who is an author, youth ministry professor and researcher) as they talk about the three arenas of youth ministry.

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Show Notes

David Odom Website (resources, blog, contact info) 
Three Youth Ministry Arenas Assessment
David Odom on Twitter

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