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Navigating The World of Student Ministry

Mar 22, 2024 | Blog, Student Ministry, Student Ministry Team, Training, Vision & Mission, Youth Ministry, Youth Ministry Team

Some people go to college and seminary to be trained for youth ministry. Others will go to training events like youth specialties or orange conference or even be certified through their church or denomination for student ministry.

However for many of you, your call to ministry is different. Maybe it was an announcement from the pulpit, or a post in the church newsletter that said “We are looking for someone to work with our youth!” And so you signed up, or were voluntold that you would be great. No matter how you got here, here you are and you have no clue what to do next.

Let me tell you, we see you, we are praying for you, and we are here to help!

Each and every week the Student Ministry Conversations podcast host talk with youth leaders across the country on a variety of topics related to youth ministry. We wanted to provide you, the new youth leader or volunteer with a list of conversations that would give you a good start in youth ministry.
These include episodes like getting on board with your pastor’s vision, infrastructure, volunteers, practical tips, and working with a team.

Each episode features experienced youth leaders who share their insights and experiences, providing valuable advice to help you succeed in your role.

To get started, we recommend listening to the following episodes:


By listening to these episodes, you can gain valuable insights into how to navigate the challenges of student ministry, and build a strong foundation for your work. So if you are just starting out in student ministry, be sure to check out the Student Ministry Conversations podcast and start learning today!
Russell Martin

Russell Martin


Russell Martin is the Senior Pastor at Lake Houston UMC and the co-host of the Student Ministry Conversations Podcast. He is a gifted communicator and loves talking with and coaching student pastors through the many challenging aspects of ministry. He loves listening to other podcasts, cooking and growing plants in his own garden.


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