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First Few Years In Youth Ministry with Josh Griffin | SMC Podcast | Episode 053

May 12, 2022 | Administration, Future Ministry, Leadership, Lessons & Curriculum, New Youth Pastors, Planning, Podcast, Relationships, Spiritual Health, Student Ministry, Vision & Mission, Youth Ministry

The beginning few years of ministry can be incredibly daunting and challenging, but also can create the foundations for your ministry leading for decades to come. How do you go about preparing and planning for your ministry when experience isn’t quite a reality yet?

Come join the conversation as Brent sits down with Josh Griffin as they talk about the first few years of ministry. Josh is the co-founder of Download Youth Ministry and has worked in churches like Saddleback church and Mariners Church. He is currently the Junior High Pastor at Mariners Church in California.

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Insta & Twitter: @joshuagriffin

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First Two Years In Youth Ministry

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