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Doing For God, Not With God with Karis Carstensen | SMC Podcast | Episode 132

Dec 12, 2023 | Bible, Community, Junior High, Leadership, Planning, Podcast, Relationships, Spiritual Health, Student Ministry, Youth Ministry

Welcome to this week’s episode where David sits down with Karis Carstensen to talk about the importance of being
able to distinguish between doing things FOR God and doing things WITH God in your ministry. We apologize for the
audio inconsistencies, as there were some problems with the audio on this particular episode.

Whether you are a young or old youth pastor, we would love for you to listen in and see what is talked
about in today’s episode and we would also love to hear from you! What is your tidbit of advice that you would
add to the conversation?

We would also love to have you join the conversation if you would like to be on the show! Shoot us a message on social media (@talkstudentmin) or an email ( to get a time set for you to be on the show.


Show Notes

1.) Have we got so caught up with strategies, programs, and money that we have neglected prayer- doing for God instead of with God?
2.) We need to focus every program and ministry through prayer. Prayer should not be an afterthought, but the base of all we do in this church. -We need to shift our focus from planning and hoping God will bless our efforts, to seeking God’s will for our church.
3.) The ministries of our church are less about doing for, and more about walking with. -We need to figure out where God is at work, and follow Him there. The church is not in crisis. The church was created, fought, and won by Jesus.
4.) Is the Holy Spirit central to our church or peripheral? Do we do work and then pray for God to bless it, or do we pray and then do the work He calls us to?

“It is far more about depending than doing. It is far more about trusting than trying.It is far more about surrendering than receiving.” Libin Abraham

“The Lord is writing our story, don’t take the pen from Him.”

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