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Let’s Talk About the Enneagram with Jenn Whitmer | SMC Podcast | Episode 014

Jul 28, 2021 | Enneagram, Interns, Planning, Podcast, Relationships, Student Ministry Team, Vision & Mission, Youth Ministry Team

What is the Enneagram? Can it be used for ministry? How can it help me? Have you ever asked any of these questions?

Come join us as Russell sits down with Leadership Coach and Enneagram expert Jenn Whitmer and talks about the Enneagram.

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Show Notes

Connect with Jenn
IG: @jenn_whitmer  
LinkedIn: Jenn Whitmer  
FB: @jennwhitmerspeaks  
Medium: Jenn Whitmer 
Clubhouse: @jenn_whitmer

Books Mentioned
The Road Back to You – Ian Cron WebsiteBuy on Amazon
Origins of the Enneagram – Beth McCord

Facebook Group
The Women Leaders Circle: Using the Enneagram for Success in Life and Business

Connect With SMC

Instagram – @talkstudentmin
Twitter – @talkstudentmin
Facebook – @talkstudentmin
Clubhouse – “Student Ministry Convos” 

Connect With The Hosts

Russell Martin on Clubhouse —
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Russell Martin – @rgmmusic
Brent Aiken – @heybrentaiken

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