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Healthy Youth Ministry with Justin Herman | SMC Podcast | Episode 032

Dec 9, 2021 | Administration, Leadership, Mental Health, Planning, Podcast, Spiritual Health, Student Ministry, Vision & Mission, Youth Ministry

Ministry is a job like no other which leads to great conversations, fantastic moments of spiritual engagement and some incredible memories for everyone involved. It also involves a lot of hurt and broken people dealing with real pain and suffering. Finding the “perfect” balance of ministry might not exist, but there are definitely things we can do to make steps to stay healthy emotionally, physically and spiritually while we are serving others around us.

Come join the conversation as Brent sits down with Justin Herman. Justin is a ex-youth pastor, the host of the Controlled Chaos podcast (which is coming back and we are SO EXCITED!) and a tremendous advocate for the heart and health of the pastor/leader/volunteer in student ministry. They sit down to discuss how to keep ministry healthy so we can lessen the effects of the difficult seasons of ministry.


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