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Student Learning Camps with Don Marsh | SMC Podcast | Episode 068

Aug 25, 2022 | Camps, Creative Ministry, Events, Groups, Planning, Podcast, Retreats, Schedule, Student Ministry, Youth Ministry

When it comes to summer mission trips, they are often an all-in-one package. Some groups will set you up building wheelchair ramps, leading a Vacation Bible School, or any variety of other tasks. You begin your week with them, and they have it all planned out.


But what if you are looking for something different? What if an organization worked with local missions in the city they are a part of and then would connect you with those agencies? Then you could plan the rest of your trip however you liked.


This week on the Student Ministry Conversations podcast, we talk with Don Marsh, leader of Service Learning Camps. They take a unique approach to mission trips, creating opportunities for your group to serve while truly helping already existing ministries in the area.


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