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Legacy in Ministry with TJ and Josh Lewis | SMC Podcast | Episode 115

Aug 3, 2023 | Family, Future Ministry, Leadership, Personal Life, Podcast, Relationships, Spiritual Health

Welcome to this week’s episode of our podcast where David sits down with TJ and Josh Lewis to talk about Legacy in Ministry. What does it mean and is there significance to having pastors across generations of your family?

Whether you’re a new youth pastor stepping into a leadership role, or an experienced ministry leader this is a great episode to listen to as they talk about how to establish Godly practices in your children, teach them to share the Gospel themselves and pray for others and ultimately walk them towards their calling that God has placed on their lives.

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Show Notes

Connect With Josh:

Connect With TJ:

  • Our number one role is not to be the chief disciples, but to come along side parents in discipleship.
  • Have a good volunteer team that reinforces the truth of the gospel.
  • Students are craving deeper understanding, so don’t be scared to speak truth.
  • Your legacy only happens if you begin praying right now for your kids to be in some form of ministry.

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