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Refined By The Fire(d) with Kyle Isabelli | SMC Podcast | Episode 133

Dec 14, 2023 | Administration, Anxiety, Burnout, Church Staff, Coaching, Groups, Leadership, Leaving A Ministry, Loneliness, Mental Health, Personal Life, Podcast, Relationships, Student Ministry, Youth Ministry

Welcome to this week’s episode where David sits down with Kyle Isabelli to talk about his upcoming book “Refined By The Fire(d)”. This book is all about conflict resolution, burnout and working through church hurt and is releasing on January 9th, 2024.

Whether you are a young or old youth pastor, we would love for you to listen in and see what is talked about in today’s episode and we would also love to hear from you! What is your tidbit of advice that you wouldadd to the conversation?

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Show Notes

Sometimes God calls to do uncomfortable things. Ask yourself who will miss out if you ignore God’s calling for your life. (2 Corinthians 1:1-7)

If we can’t model conflict resolution well, how can we expect our congregation to be unified?

If you are questioning your calling, go back to the roots of faith. Who are you In Christ, and what is your purpose in fulfilling the great commission?

Youth pastors are burning out, leaving ministry(and faith for that matter), or being let go or fired at a rapid rate. It seems to hit most of us at some point:
– How did we get to this point?
– Why does it keep happening?
– What can we do to begin to change it?

Kyle summed up all three questions with this quote: “Senior pastors need to have a mindset to shepherd your staff. We have to have compassion and empathy first and foremost. Care for them and value them. Shepherding takes time and is not easy, but worth the effort.”


Kyle’s Book- Refined by the Fire(d)
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A Book to bridge the gap between senior and student pastors: The Disconnect by Doug Franklin

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Podcast: Student Ministry Conversations episode 097: Leading With Your Head Above Water with Doug Franklin

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